Exit Planning Institute – CEPA Certification

Life Altering! – I think this perfectly describes my last week at the EPI CEPA certification. The experienced practitioner faculty, the course structure, the well thought out curriculum, and the support staff had all combined to make the course into an amazing and valuable experience. But as Chris Snider, President of EPI, said: this week is only the beginning. The powerful concepts taught in the CEPA program allow advisor practitioners not only to Change the Outcome, but to change the world. Is that too strong? Is this exaggeration and hyperbole? I actually don’t think so. How great is it to know that you can have a tremendous impact on business owners, by helping them build and unlock value in their organizations? Value that, when monetized, will change lives. The more value is created for the owners, the more flexibility owners will have to distribute wealth to family and employees, and to engage in charitable and philanthropic activities.

As a business advisor focusing on value acceleration and exit planning, I have the opportunity, every day, to change the world. What do you call that? Life Altering!