Active Freedom – Escaping The Owner’s Trap

You are midway on your business ownership journey. You own a stable business with employees and yet you are still swamped? All roads lead to you and nothing happens without you.  If you got hit by the “proverbial bus”, your business may not survive. Worse, you feel like the freedom you should have gained by now is still out of reach! 

Active Freedom will show you how you can be “Active” in your business, AND “Free” from the everyday toil of your business. Creating a business that can run without you takes both strategy and mindset. We’ll show you how!

Who Is This Program For?

Are you a business owner who:

– Has built a stable business and want to enjoy life a bit more?

– Have had multiple staff employed for a few years?

– Do you feel your business has not delivered the freedom you expected it to?

Your Journey Map Location: Midway


Who will benefit from this program?

Owners with a few employees who are midway through their journey, but are still feeling swamped and overworked.

Why Hero’s Guide?

We know how hard the journey of entrepreneurship and business ownership is.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, dedicated to serving others, its in our DNA.  And we also know that it’s often a lonely journey.  There is a time when all you need is a trusted advisor, an objective lens, and a knowing Guide.  You’re a Hero!  Let us be your Guide.

How much will the program cost?

Each program is tailored for your situation and our pricing structure is value-based.  That is, we aim to add more value to your business than the investment you will make in our programs.  That’s why we can offer our 3X Guarantee.

What is this 3X Guarantee?

Simply, if you follow the program, and the value of your business does not increase by at least 3 times the investment you make, we will credit your account the full amount of the program.  We will give you all the details of our 3X Guarantee when you join the program.


Get freedom from your business and still be active in it. Yes, it is possible.

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